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Due to introduction of enhanced security measures based on threat assessment   across the country, BCAS continues to improve and redefine security procedures to make it secure and passenger friendly.

Useful tips and informative material given below will ensure a smooth passage thorough security  at any of the civil airports in India.

bullet_17.gif (587 bytes)Travel Tips - A must read for anyone traveling by air.           

bullet_17.gif (587 bytes)Travel Safe and Smart  – Necessary preparations can be made  by you before you arrive at the airport...

bullet_17.gif (587 bytes)Permitted & Prohibited Items - You could be surprised at the items, which are permitted & prohibited on-board an aircraft.

bullet_17.gif (587 bytes)Transporting Special Items:  Some helpful information that explains the security screening procedures as they may apply to unique items.

bullet_17.gif (587 bytes)Traveling with Children  - Everything you need to consider when traveling with children...

bullet_17.gif (587 bytes)Special Considerations - Covers numerous topics such as film, pets, religious/cultural needs, sporting equipment, etc... - Covers numerous topics such as film, pets, religious/cultural needs, sporting equipment, etc...

bullet_17.gif (587 bytes)Persons with Disabilities & Medical Conditions  - This area is extensive.  BCAS has divided the area into groups and has trained the screener workforce appropriately.

bullet_17.gif (587 bytes)Security Awareness - Learn what to look for.  what to do...

bullet_17.gif (587 bytes)Frequently Asked Questions - Answers to your most Frequently Asked Questions.. - Answers to your most Frequently Asked Questions..

Travel Safe and Smart

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Necessary preparations can be made by you before arrival at the airport which will help you to move more quickly and efficiently through the security processes. Here you will find suggestions on what to wear to the airport and how to pack for your trip. We've also included a pre-flight checklist to help you to travel safe & smart.


bullet_17.gif (587 bytes)Dress

Security does not require any particular style or type of clothing. However, certain clothing and accessories can set off an alarm on the metal detector and may affect the pax flow through the screening points. Here you will find tips to help you 


bullet_17.gif (587 bytes)Pack Smart

There are restrictions on what you can pack in your hand baggage and registered baggage. All of your baggage will be screened and possibly hand-searched as part of the security measures. This inspection may include emptying most or all of the articles in your bag. Here you will find tips to help you pack.

bullet_17.gif (587 bytes)Final Checklist

You're dressed, packed and ready to go. Here is a pre-flight checklist to help you to travel safe and smart. Read the instructions printed on the air ticket and contact your airline or travel agent for additional information.

  bullet_17.gif (587 bytes)Access Requirements 

You can enter into the passenger terminal if you have either a confirmed air ticket for the journey or a valid airport entry permit. Visitors can buy ticket to enter  into the visitor’ s area in the terminal. Waitlisted passengers are advised to contact the airlines office on the landside of the terminal for confirmation of their tickets. 


bullet_17.gif (587 bytes)Security Process and Procedures


Familiarize  yourself with the Security Process and Procedures. It will help you to play an active role in ensuring your own safety and avoid inconvenience to yourself.


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